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ORGANIKA GREEN PROTEIN 1L & 300ML - High Performance



SPECIAL ASSETSGreen Coffee extract stimulates blood circulation and removes toxic subs-
tances that destroy the hair. With stimulating power, promote the growth of hair.

Ginger extract has anti-inflammatory action, which contributes to the health of the scalp making the hair stronger and more resistant. It is also rich in essential oils that favor the hydration of the wires.


The ORGANIKA GREEN PROTEIN straightening treatment provides the natural straight hair through amino acids and special oils. DIRECTIONS: Wash the hair with anti residues shampoo, rinse-off until the complete withdrawal of the product, and then dry it 100%. Apply the ORGANIKA GREEN (respecting 1cm from the hair root), let it act for 60 minutes and rinse-off, then dry it 100% with the blow dryer and apply the flat iron to fine locks. *The more you use the flat iron, the more the hair will get straight. HAIR STRAND TEST: THE HAIR STRAND TEST IS INDISPENSABLE. Select more than one hair strand from the top of the head, apply the ORGANIKA GREEN all over the entire hair lenght, let it act for 20 minutes and evaluate the hair conditions. CAUTIONS: EXTERNAL USE. Do not ingest. Not recommended for pregnant woman, children and allergic people. Strictly professional use. Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with water. The product must only be used for its intended purpose, it might be DANGEROUS for any other use. Do not apply if the hair scalp is irritated or injured, or to brittle hair. In case of irritation, stop using and search for medical help. Repeated applications may cause hair loss or hair color alteration. Do not use on children. To use on pregnant and breastfeeding women, consult a doctor. Apply the product 1cm from the hair root. For external use only. 

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